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About The Artist

My calling is to collect media like apples from a tree and make you an apple pie. There are so many ways to serve apple pie, and like pie, documentary film can bring us so many different emotions and memories of home. The question I ask myself when creating is, “can my viewer see themselves in this?”. The space my work takes up is only as big as the space you need it to be.


Deeply rooted in family, I bring my own private reflections into my work; I hope that my work can serve as a mirror to let you weigh in on the subject matter from your own life. I work with archived media, and also found a passion for the art of remastering video while experiencing so much aged content.


Also like apple pie, my process is unusual in a sense that I gather prior to preparing. I obtain the story and it becomes my medium- I work with video, images, and sound to create a reflective experience unique to each and every viewer. A non-typical film process creates for a subject-guided story rather than one by a studio, producer or even me- I let my subjects tell their story, and I paint them a picture out of the content we can scavenge up together. Combining abstract videography with archival footage, my work aims to make you reflect on the story you hear, and as humans have always been storytellers- experience an authentic story told by a lens.

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Juliet Rose is a multimedia artist based in Moncton, New Brunswick. She uses a unique process to illustrate reflective and authentic documentary films using video, installation, archival media and lights. Her method of gathering media as she builds the final project creates a subject-inspired narrative paired with Juliet’s vision. Her work explores themes of family, heartbreak and sorrow and often takes an autobiographical approach.


Described by her colleagues as a peacock, Juliet’s flair and humour can be found in subtle hints throughout her work. She began to create video work at 6; Juliet feels that film has always been a piece of her. There is no clear line where she began professionally, as she has demonstrated a serious passion and devotion- almost obsession- to creating films and art for well over a decade, putting her professional career start date somewhere between the ages of 13-15. Juliet’s creative and edged outlook on videography and life is the driving force that can visualize any story.


She studied the Intermedia (Video, Electronic & Performance Arts) BFA program and the Art Education program at Concordia University (QC). She was granted by the Canada Council For The Arts and various Municipalities to create her second feature-length film in 2022, The Stage. She was Atlantic Spotlight's founding member and production manager (2022-) and has created various multimedia pieces and performances throughout her career.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(514) 229-2997

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